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July 25, 2011


Where can I acquire accident and incident data that has been reported to the FAA?

Visit http://www.faa.gov/data_statistics/accident_incident/.

What information will I need to report a claim?

Think like a reporter. Ask the “Five W’s” of journalism plus “How”.

  • WHO? Know the name of insured, name of pilot, name of claimant(s), names of witnesses, names of injured parties, names of aircraft operators and names of FBOs.
  • WHAT? What aircraft or vehicles were involved? Obtain the Registration #’s or VIN #’s.
  • WHEN? When did the accident/incident happen? Make note of the date and time.
  • WHERE? Where did the accident/incident happen?
  • WHY? Provide details of the accident/incident including a description of the damage.
  • HOW? How can we contact you? Who should the adjuster contact? Provide the best method of contact – phone numbers (work, home, cell) or email address.
Where might I find salvaged aircraft parts for sale?

We recommend visiting any of the aircraft salvage sites below.

What specifics should I include in my corporate management accident response program?

The United States Aircraft Insurance Group has created a comprehensive corporate aircraft accident response plan outline. Visit http://www.usau.com/USAU.nsf/Doc/CorporateAccidentResponsePlan to learn more.